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Dental Treatment in Moncton

Cavity Fillings

Fillings are materials that replace tooth structure that is lost from decay (cavities).

Stainless Steel Crowns / Caps

When decay is extensive or a large amount of tooth structure is lost, a crown or cap may be the best treatment for your child. Crowns cover all surfaces of the tooth and prevent further decay and breakdown.

Baby Root Canals

When decay and bacteria are deep and enter into the nerve a child may experience pain. A baby root canal or “pulpotomy” is often used to remove infected tissue and resolve pain. A crown is then placed over the tooth to help prevent bacteria from re-infecting the tooth.


Baby teeth sometimes need extractions when decay is too extensive and the dentist cannot save the tooth. This is usually a simple procedure and much easier than an adult tooth extraction. Extractions are also sometimes recommended to alleviate crowding or improve alignment of the teeth.

Space Maintainers

Baby teeth help a child chew and speak but also guide the permanent tooth into the proper place. When baby teeth are extracted early, a space maintainer is sometimes recommended to help the permanent tooth erupt in the correct position.